When you first meet brick mason Johnny Johnson, you immediately know how he earned the nickname “Hummingbird.” Constantly in motion, Johnson puts all that energy to use in his chosen profession – turning bricks, stone and mortar into works of art. He is the epitome of hard working tenacity, tackling each job with a smile and getting the job done quickly and professionally. Johnson remarks, “If you love what you do and give it the attention it needs, you’ll be the best. I won’t stop till the job is done.”

Specializing in residential, commercial and industrial masonry, Johnson has been laying bricks since he was seventeen years old, learning from Rodney Irwin and H.D. “Pappy” Gullette, as well as his own family. “I’m not scared of any job,” winks the 46-year-old. “I do concrete footings, fences, and fountains. I work with stone, brick, and tile. As they say, “A bricks’s a brick!’ They can only go in there one way and that’s one at a time.”
~excerpts from Delta Style Magazine

Johnny Johnson
Bayou Masonry LLC
318-366-2398 mobile
318-324-9780 fax


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